Your dream kitchen in 3D

with the online kitchen planner

Easily compose your dream kitchen yourself

With the online kitchen planner, you simply and easily put together your own dream kitchen online*. What colours will the fronts be? How big should the wall units be? Where will you place the appliances? And what will the final floor plan look like? This online kitchen planner is the first way to give form to your ideas.

The online kitchen planner provides a 3D representation of the desired kitchen, allowing you to view it from different angles. You easily 'build in' the desired electronic appliances yourself and can easily integrate any doors and windows. This way, your own new dream kitchen comes to life with just a few clicks of the mouse.

*The elements shown (fronts, colours, appliances, etc.) do not constitute the MHK Kitchen Expert's product range. It only provides a visualised image of your new kitchen.

From plan to cooking

Are you absolutely delighted with the 3D view? Then make an appointment at a kitchen studio near you. Our KeukenExperts can then fine-tune your design to create a professional representation of your kitchen. Together with you, we can then summarise the assembly and installation in a comprehensive plan, after which you can soon enjoy your new kitchen.

Curious what your dream kitchen or bathroom will look like in real life?